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"Sustainable Flying."

“Your money or your life!” snarled the bandit, brandishing his pistol.

“Take my life, but please don’t take my money!” cried the little old lady. “I’m saving that for my old age”

We laugh, but that’s exactly what we’re doing as a culture and a species – hoarding our cash at the cost of our lives. We’re thus missing a spectacular opportunity to create a dazzling new economy – and to do well by doing good.

How do I know this? For eight years, I’ve hosted a web site called TheGreenInterview.com Recently I was asked to describe the core benefit of the site. The answer simply tumbled out of me.

“Every month," I said, "you get to spend an hour with a great thinker, imagining the future.” That's how we choose our interviewees. They share a passion for a better, greener future, a determination to help us get there, and an ability to talk about their passion with great eloquence.



Justin Trudeau in Rooftop Greenhouse

"Prime Minister at Rooftop Farm"

"What Can One Person Do?" began as a TEDx talk created in response to the despairing question of a student at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada.

"The problems are so huge," she said, "so various, so overwhelming. What can one person do?"

As a matter of fact, one person can do an amazing amount. This keynote presents stories and video clips of astonishing people from The Green Interview whose lives and careers constitute a stirring response to that question.



Warrior Lawyers Cover

"Using the Law to Defend the Planet" is rooted in the work of 17 trailblazing lawyers in Silver Donald’s book Warrior Lawyers, and it describes a new paradigm: where traditional environmental law works through the permit system to "legalize harms," as one lawyer puts it, these lawyers seek to prevent these harms altogether. In a world where governments and corporations conspire against both human beings and the natural world, they seek relief in the courts, which are moved by logic and evidence, not by the next election or the next quarterly report.

The lawyers involved come from nine different countries – the Netherlands, the Philippines, Ecuador, Australia, Argentina, South Africa, the United States, Canada, and Britain – and they represent an equally broad array of clients: slum dwellers, children, NGOs, aboriginals, unborn generations, foundations. They are part of a broader movement that seeks respect not only for the rights of all humans, but for the rights of all living things – animals, rivers, forests, oceans, insects and birds.






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